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Fiction Project: The Solitaire Players

Morganstern and friends have moved to


Morganstern’s random journal entries are
the “Recent Posts” listed to the right.

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Part One: They Play Solitaire

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__Davie was cheerful, hopeful, grateful, but still welcome by these few people. I thought he was a good kid. They didn’t need him to be any kind of real. Neither did I. So what, if he pixelated everything to his own understanding like it was local TV news.

__He was saying, “If we didn’t want the world to be exactly the way it is, it wouldn’t be.” Davie had suggested that the mall was about more than mall rats. One of his friends had balked at that with a smile, and walked away.

__ Nina put a hand on his arm and said, “We?”…


__…Mrs. Bert was there on a small, but unavoidable errand. She didn’t get out much anymore — just on her street, with some neighbors; lawn furniture out front, on the corner. But there was also the internet, and she was trying things. She had the tarps off of Mr. Bert’s motorhome for the day and had had to park it way out. On her trip across the parking lot she stopped to watch two kids whirling around in a giant cup and saucer…


__…They had all heard about Proclamation 8 on the news. They knew that unemployment had become a problem again — the new kind of unemployment: people refusing to participate in the “income opportunity” system.

__ “Tupperware parties,” according to Jack…


* * *


John Morganstern is the fictional first-person narrator in Kenny Mann’s Big Fiction Project: The Solitaire Players.

This blog is not the sequence of the story that Morganstern wants to tell. These posts are in the sequence of his journal entries.

Begins HERE.

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